my teaching process

Nearly forty years after I first ventured into a classroom to teach, I still enjoy sharing my skills and ideas with those eager to learn. My teaching, both through workshops and lectures, is an important and stimulating part of my life as an artist.  It has taken me to communities all over Australia, as well as much further afield, to Great Britain, France, the USA, Japan, Korea, South East Asia and new Zealand.  In each of those places, I have been met by receptive and enthusiastic students.

I do not teach product workshops, but rather process workshops.  In other words, students will not usually go away at the end of the class with a finished article, although they may be well on the way to completing one.  Depending on the workshop, they will leave with samples or work in progress.

However, I believe that what you take away in your head is more important than what you take away in your hand.  Students will have learned a new process, which they can use in a variety of ways in the future, making anything from small items to large projects.  They will leave the workshop with new skills, many ideas on how to use them, and hopefully also the enthusiasm to explore those ideas.

Where suitable facilities are available, my workshops sometimes include viewing of images of other students’ work, providing inspiration and discussion of what works well and why.  I often also show images of my own work in progress, so that students can follow through the whole process of how I use the technique being taught to develop a finished work.

Some workshops are for the quiltmaking community, others have much broader applications.  Workshops specifically for quiltmakers are suitable for those of all interests and ability levels, whether they make traditional quilts or wish to explore more contemporary design possibilities.

My workshop fees are quoted on a daily rate based on 6 hours of teaching, and for practical purposes most have a limit of 15 participants.  Lectures vary in duration, but are approximately 1 hour in length.  I expect the host organisation to cover my travel and living expenses for the duration of the visit.  I am usually happy to be billeted, in a smoke free home.  If several different organisations are sharing my expenses, then travel costs are divided equally between each group.

For overseas teaching engagements, my workshop fees are negotiable, but usually structured to reflect what the top local teachers receive.  In certain circumstances either the workshop fee or the travel costs will be adjusted in order to ensure that all party’s interests are well served.

If you are interested in having me visit your area to teach, or wish to inquire about my fees, please contact me.  You can also request a printable version of my workshops and lectures.