A shared inheritance
Contemporary artists from Australia and Korea draw on a common history of generations of makers who improvised with meagre resources, stitching together fragments of cloth to create domestic textiles of honest beauty.  When Chunghie Lee shared the Korean tradition of Chogakbo making with Australian artists in a 2002 masterclass, their response reflected that same tradition of innovation.  They absorbed and adapted both process and purpose to find some relevance to their own life and work, in turn creating a new dialogue with Korean culture.

Ingenuity born of necessity – a common thread
The practice of making-do is a common thread which crosses cultural boundaries. The sashiko stitching of the common folk of Japan’s rural past, the utilitarian wagga quilts of early Australia, the domestic textiles of the ethnic minorities still living traditional lives in Vietnam, all display the same honest beauty and ingenuity born of necessity. The work ethic which led to their creation also permeates my family heritage. The strong empathy I feel for these textiles has led me to make a series of patched and quilted works, using old Japanese fabrics. Join me as I relive my journeys in Japan, Vietnam and Australia, researching and collecting textiles and creating my own work in response.

Piecing the fragments together
In this lecture. I discuss the various influences which have led to my development as an artist, sharing insights into my motivation, working methods, and aspirations.

From inspiration to image
This lecture follows the process of the development of my ideas, through to the designing and making of my finished works. See the images which inspire me and follow my work in progress, as I describe the design processes and construction techniques used in my quilts.

Quilt masterclass: exploring the creative process
In 1996 I taught a masterclass in England, where the participants worked from an identical photograph, yet produced very different interpretations. We are all individuals, with our own way of seeing the world. Whether traditional or contemporary quiltmakers, it is possible to make your quilts a means of personal expression. This lecture will help you to understand how to achieve this, whilst you enjoy a slide ‘show and tell’ of the different quilts and the ideas which inspired each one, followed by a description of the thought processes involved when I subsequently designed and made my own quilt from that same photograph.

Journey of a lifetime
A light hearted look at my journey as an artist, and the adventure my life has been since I first became ‘hooked’ – an ongoing voyage of discovery

The development of contemporary quiltmaking in Australia
A look at the people and events that have influenced the development of Australian contemporary quiltmaking.

All lectures last approx 1 hour

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